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Cost of living in Poland 2019

Poland is, to this day, one of the countries with the lowest cost of living in Europe. If you need to know exactly what the budget is necessary to spend the month, in this article we will reveal it. Know the Cost of living in Poland in 2019!

What’s the cost of living in Poland?

Accommodation and rental

rental in poland

Rental prices can vary greatly depending on what city we are in. On average, you will have to pay between 340 and 425 euros for being able to rent a single-room flat. If you go in a group or do not prefer to pay so much rent, you have the alternative to share your floor. I do not think you have to spend more than 200 euros if you intend to have your own room.

You must be careful, as expenses related to the floor sometimes run from the landlord’s account and others from the tenant. The second option is the most common, so if it is the case, you will have to pay a figure close to 70 euros/month for correcting these expenses.

beautiful house in poland portraits

For those who want to venture to buy a flat in Polish lands, I inform you that the price of the square meter has a value of approximately 1,500 euros.


If you have 5 euros, you can sit down to eat in a Polish bar (although the cheap ones). In higher quality restaurants, you will be asked for about 12-13 euros per cover, an equally acceptable figure.

Now we will know in depth the prices of the products that should not be missing in your fridge:

Water (1.5 liters) ?0.45
Milk (1 Liter) ?0.58
Beer (0.5 liters) ?0.73
1 kg Veal ?7.80
1kg Rice ?0.78
1 kg tomatoes ?1.27
1 kg of potatoes ?0.47
1 kg Apples ?0.72
Dozen Eggs ?1.80


One-way ticket costs ?0.80 in any Polish means of transport. The monthly pass, which serves you to get free to the Metro or bus for a whole month, has a value of 24 euros.

In Poland, there are also taxis, and these have a cost of approximately 5 euros per race (15 minutes). Gasoline on Polish land is quite expensive, as the liter of fuel is located in the ?1.20.

public places in poland

Other expenses

14 Euros per month is what costs a broadband internet rate. A couple of tickets for the cinema can be an expense of 13 euros. The gyms in Poland are not at all cheap, as the monthly fee is set at approximately 26 euros.

The 33 cl Coca-Cola/Pepsi in a bar is priced at ?0.90. Instead, ordering a third of beer can get you out for almost 2 euros. Private nurseries in Poland are also expensive, as they have approximate prices of 300 euros per month.

The cost of living in Poland could amount to between 570 and 760 euros per month:

Cost Price
Rental + Floor expenses ?240 ? ?410
Power Supply ?120
Transportation ?40
Leisure and contingencies ?150


To complete this information, I leave this video about Is Warsaw is super cheap? Cost of living in Poland: We take you around this city in Poland and go through the cost of living and everyday items you will buy at the supermarket while you travel here.

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