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30 Curious Facts about Dubai

Amazing 30 Curious facts about Dubai that you should know. It is one of the 7 Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, whose capital of that city that has the same name (United Arab Emirates) because it is not only the most cosmopolitan city in the world but also the most ostentatious.

An impressive city built on the sands of the desert. I have compiled the 30 most relevant Curious facts about Dubai that you should know and here they are.

1. A Fishermen’s Village

fishing boat dubai 1950

What is Dubai today, decades ago was a large fishing village, so its economy was based on fishing and pearl diving. To look for pearls, divers had to dive into the warm waters of the Persian Gulf in fragile boats, get oysters and extract the gems.

Those that later exchanged for food and other inputs, until the 60’s when oil was discovered. From there, the important economic growth of the place began.

However, its Governor, Sheikh Mohammed, invested the income from commercial activities to build infrastructure and today, 70% of the country’s income does not come from oil, but from other activities such as tourism.

2. There are No Taxes

no taxes

Dubai offers very easy trade policies without having to pay taxes, making it one of the most attractive places to start a business. But this only applies to people who reside in Dubai on a permanent basis. While there are some exceptions, for example, with foreign banks the city might be as close to what we know as a tax-free place as possible.

3. Most are Expatriates

About 85% of Dubai’s inhabitants are expatriates. The majority come from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh who came to work in construction. Because of the huge real estate growth in the city, there are a lot of jobs but sadly in precarious conditions. Many human rights organizations have sued companies for paying miserable wages to these workers who work from sunrise to sunset.

4. 70% of the Population is Male

man from dubai

Three out of four people are men. Of Dubai’s 2.5 million inhabitants, 1.7 million are men. Women account for just over 30% of the country’s population, according to official census statistics. The higher proportion of men is due to the fact that expatriate city workers belong to this gender and have left their families in their countries of origin.

5. High Temperatures on Summer

During the summer, temperatures can exceed 50 degrees Celsius during the day, making the heat so stifling that it’s almost impossible to get out on the streets. Because of this, even bus stops have air conditioners. In winter, the days are sunny and the highest temperatures are 25 degrees Celsius, so it is best to visit the country during this time. Also, sandstorms are frequent.

6. Dubai, City of Goldgold bars

Dubai is also known as the city of gold, in the gold market there are more than 300 shops that trade with Dubai. In fact, 40% of the gold transactions that were made worldwide in 2013 had Dubai as the scenario. A total equivalent to the weight of 350 elephants. Keep up with these curious facts about Dubai.

So much so that ATMs don’t just deliver money. Since 2010, an automatic teller machine was inaugurated that delivers gold bullion. The machine composed of a small layer of gold offers 230 options to operate, from gold coins to 10-gram bullion.

7. World’s Fastest Growth

dubai city


Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world, in fact, in 1990 there was only one skyscraper: the Dubai World Trade Center. Today it has more than 400 and this number will continue to increase.

8. Burj Khalifa

burj khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. It is three times the height of the Eiffel Tower. This amazing building can be seen 100 kilometers away from where it is located. It is so high (828 meters) that some of its residents have to wait longer to break the fast during Ramadan. With 160 residential flats, all who live on the 150th floor see the sun for longer than other inhabitants, which prevents them from breaking their fasts at the same time.

9. The World’s Highest Hotels

Burj Alarab


Seven of the ten highest hotels in the world are in Dubai, but the best known and most luxurious is undoubtedly the Burj Al-Arab, with its original candle shape is the only 7-star hotel in the world. Access to this hotel is via a private bridge.

On its rooftop, it has a heliport and the highest tennis court in the world. If you have the luxury of paying at least two thousand euros per night, you can see its interior covered with 1,800 square meters of a gold leaf the presidential suite can cost about 20 thousand euros a night.

10. Artificial Islands

palm islands dubai


Another of the wonders achieved in Dubai is an enormous world map formed by artificial islands, each of them with the shape of a country of the world. They sell for between 7 and 45 million dollars.

However, there are other artificial islands known as the Palm Islands, considered the world’s largest man-made islands. Enough sand and rocks were used for the construction to form a six-meter high wall capable of turning the earth three times.

11. Atlantis Hotel

atlantis hotel


One of the most visited destinations in the area is the extraordinary 5-star Atlantis Hotel, located on Palm Jumeirah Island with 2,000 rooms, 28 floors, an immense water park, and a majestic aquarium. Its design was inspired by the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas.

12. Camel Races…?

camel races


One of the most common hobbies is camel racing. The weirdest thing is that riders are robots that cost $300 to $10,000. Keep up with these curious facts about Dubai.

13. Unmarried Couples Are Prohibited



A man and a woman can’t live together if they’re not married unless they’re family. Otherwise, the penalty would be at least one year in prison. Added to this is the fact that physical contact in public is frowned upon and can also lead to a penalty.

14. Luxury Cars

police car in dubai


In the streets of the country, there are many luxury cars and even the police drive Lamborghinis and Bugattis. To top it all off, law enforcement will also drive flying motorcycles which are already being tested.

15. Snow Skiing Under Roof

under roof skiing


It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of the desert, because if you like the snow Dubai has the largest roofed snow track in the world.

16. No Photographing Local Women

women dubai


It’s forbidden to take pictures of local women. This law affects both men and women visiting Dubai. In addition to the fact that you can be arrested or reprimanded with a large fine, you could cause problems for the woman you photograph and her family if she does not wear the right clothes.

17. Pregnancy Outside of Marriage

pregnant woman


An out-of-wedlock pregnancy exposes both unmarried men and women to imprisonment or deportation to their countries.

18. Holy Month of Ramadan

holy qu'ran


During the Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. Throughout this month eating, drinking, smoking, listening to loud music and dancing in public places during the day are strictly prohibited and these acts are punished by law, even for non-Muslims. Therefore, many agencies advise against visiting the country during this season.

However, there are some hotels that have a hidden space reserved for foreigners to eat. But, outside of these few places, no one can perform the aforementioned activities in public. Based on the lunar calendar, Ramadan in 2019 will be from the beginning of May to the beginning of June, but in the following years, this date may vary.

19. Forbidden to Speak Badly of the Royal Family


royal family dubai

It is strictly forbidden to insult or speak badly of the royal family, its religion or the country, as well as to use offensive language, obscene words or aggressive or offensive gestures against any person. This could lead to imprisonment or an incredibly high fine.

20. License to Drink Alcohol

drinking in dubai


To consume alcohol you must have a license and get drunk can send you to jail. Dubai is one of the most liberal territories in the Muslim world, however, you must respect the rules, be discreet and not cross the line or you could be in serious trouble.

Foreign residents and tourists are allowed to consume alcohol in authorized residences or hotels. Public drunkenness is not tolerated in the country, much less driving in this state.

21. Using the Left Hand

shaking hands


The use of the left hand is frowned upon for some things, as the left hand is traditionally used for body hygiene in Muslim culture.

So, avoid using it in certain circumstances such as shaking hands, opening doors, touching another person and especially eating with this hand, as it is considered unwanted even if you wash it with an anti-bacterial soap.

22. Women and their Male Guardian

men and women dubai


Women cannot marry without the consent of a male guardian and once married they cannot work without the consent of the husband. Also, obtaining a divorce is very difficult for women, as is child custody.

23. The World’s Biggest Almost Everything

dubai skyline


The city has the longest driverless metro in the world with luxury cabins. It also has the largest shopping center on the planet, the largest Dancing Fountain in the world, the largest Aquarium that exists and is building the largest airport to be completed in 2028.

24. First City with Climate Control


Dubai has pledged to build a climate-controlled city called “Mall of The World”, which will occupy 48 million square meters (2.25 in the Monaco region) on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. The intention is to create a world-class tourist and business area all year round.

25. The Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque


The most important mosque in all of Dubai is the Jumeirah mosque, mainly because it is the only mosque that allows access to non-Muslims, in addition to its beautiful architecture of impressive design.

26. Women’s Clothing

women dubai


UAE women generally wear a black suit covering most of their body and hair. Some even cover their faces. Tourists and expatriates don’t have to dress the same way, but problems can be avoided by covering their shoulders and not wearing short or neckline-shown garments or being transparent, and although bikinis are allowed in some hotels, Emiratis consider this bad taste. Men, like men, wear shorts or wear bare breasts and shoulders.

27. Largest Number of Cranes

dubai cranes


Dubai has 30,000 cranes, 24% of all the cranes in the world.

28. Forbidden to have the Dirty Car

dirty car


In Dubai, it is forbidden to drive a dirty car. One would think that in a place where sandstorms are frequent this could go unnoticed, but it is not so. They claim that dirty cars disfigure the image of the city and affect public health. The fine can be almost a thousand dollars.

29. Taking Inappropriate Pictures

smartphone taking picture


Taking pictures of traffic accidents, some government buildings, or some other event that could affect the country’s image can cause you to be deported or have to pay large sums of money.

30. Hospitality

dubai woman smailing


The Emirates are extremely hospitable people. When coffee or tea is offered, it is recommended to always accept. It is customary to drink more than one cup, but not more than the host.

In order to refuse a new offer of any type of drink, it is only necessary to take the cup and shake it with the hand, slightly returning it to the one who offers it.

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