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How Is It To Live In Oaxaca 2019

We will then study some of the advantages and disadvantages of how is it to live in Oaxaca, one of the 32 states that make up Mexico. It is located in the southwest of the country, and its capital and the more populated city is Oaxaca de Juárez. The state has a population close to 4 million inhabitants and is recognized for preserving many of its pre-Hispanic customs.

How it is to live in Oaxaca

Oaxaca is a good place to live in general, people are nice, and accessible with a great culture. Oaxaca has beautiful beaches to visit, great gastronomy, is very safe, has all the services good as in everything has its areas.

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Reasons to Live in Oaxaca

Depending on where you want to live of that depends on costs, as there are areas better than others equal in infrastructure. Tourism in general if you have enough and especially in the middle of the year by the Guelaguetza and in culture is very rich there is everything and for all tastes, you could learn a lot of this beautiful city.

Advantages of living in Oaxaca

The first thing to emphasize is how easy it is to integrate into a place characterized by the friendliness of its citizens, in the midst of a quiet environment that has led not few visitors have decided to make this their new home.

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Climate change represents one of the major advantages to Oaxaca people, That enjoy warm and temperate temperatures for almost the whole year.

Another major attraction of life in this Mexican State, relate to this all! Related to personal security, where the chances of being attacked or insulted are almost non-existent. Index of crime is surprisingly low, compared with other places in the country, one of the most dangerous in the world today.

As for the cost of living in this state, we can give as an example the price of a meal in a restaurant of acceptable quality, for which it will be sufficient to disburse the equivalent of $3 per serving. This is complemented by checking that the local cuisine is one of the richest in all of Mexico.

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Official statistics show that Oaxaca is the second lowest-unemployment state in the Aztec nation, only surpassed by Guerrero in such a respect.

As one of the engines that move Mexican tourism, it is clear that the best employment opportunities are in the tertiary sector of the economy. If you have some kind of experience in hospitality, catering and personal services, you have good expectations when looking for a job market position.

In the same order, professionals with specialization in the agricultural field are always welcome to this state of southern Mexico, where the investors dedicated to this area have many facilities to participate in the development of the sector.

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Disadvantages of living in Oaxaca

The southern Mexican States show the worst development indicators across the country, and of course, Oaxaca is no exception.

This state has the dubious honor of being presented as the place with the worst salaries at the national level, with incomes that show a huge gap between remuneration and daily expenses. This has given cause to a great exodus of Oaxacan professionals to other latitudes of the country.

Another big problem for the people of Oaxaca is the high cost and poor quality of transportation and infrastructure-related services, such as gas, electricity and water.

Of course, these data allow understanding the great social conflict present in the region, where the marches and the blockades of the roads are common, which in many cases end up causing violent clashes between the demonstrators and the authorities.

In this video learn Oaxaca Mexico Retire Early Low Cost of Living:

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