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Living in the United Arab Emirates

Living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is, with its advantages and disadvantages, a great option to take advantage of all the potential for growth in this region of the world. The country is formed by seven Emirates, starting with the capital Abu Dhabi, in addition to Dubai , Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, Umm al-Quwain and Ras al-Khaimah, spread over the Persian Gulf Coast.

Advantages of living in the United Arab Emirates

The population of the UAE is about 9.2 million inhabitants, where a high percentage of expatriates are counted. This should give you an idea of the attractiveness of the country for immigrants from all over the world, where Dubai stands out with its accelerated immigration rate sustained over the last few years.

living in united arab emirates

This translates into a great advantage for the adaptation of newcomers, as in addition to Arabic it is possible to communicate in English, French, Farsi, Hindi and even in Spanish, thanks to the more than 500,000 Hispanics and Latinos who already reside in the country.

One of the main reasons why this is the destination that welcomes the highest percentage of expatriates in the world is certainly represented in the high standards of quality of life that is possible to enjoy here.

While the country is known around the world for the high volumes of oil it produces and exports, it has been relegated in importance in the country’s economy, where the finance and business sector bids with others to spearhead the national productive sector.

This is how we see that tourism, the re-export of all types of goods and port and airport movements and several companies in the industrial and technological sectors, represent job opportunities for professionals in different branches.

united arab emirates dubai

This is not to mention that this is one of the countries with the highest demand for labor for its ambitious infrastructure and construction plans to cater for the large volume of tourists it has been receiving in previous years.

All advantages we can summarize in Masdar’s eco-friendly City project, which is free of carbon emissions, houses 40,000 residents, who add up to 50,000 employees in their approximately 1,500 ecologically-based enterprises.

Disadvantages of living in the United Arab Emirates

The heat. Undoubtedly it is not easy to get used to living in a region where thermometers rise to 48 °C during July and August.

The climate is also responsible for the problems of water supply in the country, which sees how with the intense heat the water evaporates quickly. This has forced the installation of expensive desalination plants, which some consider a threat to the ecosystem.

On the other hand…

In the evenings, when the temperatures are certainly softer, you are stalked by another serious threat in the form of blizzards and sandstorms, the latter very frequent and responsible for the thinning of the air.

It is undeniable that this is one of the safest countries in the world, with crime rates close to zero, but some do not feel so calm about the discovery of some terrorist cell, which is something truly disturbing for anyone who lives In this part of the world.

I want you to know the experience of a girl who has been living in the country for a while:

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