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10 Tips to Know before visiting Punta Cana

Imagine a vacation on a paradise beach. You’ll get excellent tips to visit Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean. And is it that does not want to be in Cancun, Aruba, Puerto Rico or Punta Cana under the shadows of a coconut tree in the midst of white sand and crystalline water? I’m sure it’s the dream of more than one.

So Today I am going to talk to you about one of my favorite places in the Caribbean: Punta Cana.

Located in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana gets more and more tourist relevance, not only for the beauty of its beaches and landscapes but also for the friendliness of tourists in its many hotels, Resorts, and restaurants.

So If you are thinking about traveling to this destination, then I will give you more tips to enjoy Punta Cana to the maximum:

1. Plan How to Get to Punta Cana

Punta Cana beach

Being located on an island, the only two ways to get to Punta Cana are by plane or by boat (usually cruises that come to the nearby city of La Romana). If you come by plane, I recommend you compare rates from different airlines and book over time. Against this destination, there are not many low-cost airlines, so the only cheap ones you can recommend are Wingo (from Colombia) or Evelop and Wamos (from Spain).

2. Evaluate your Itinerary very well

Punta Cana is a destination where what dominates is all-inclusive resorts, but it is not the only option for your trip. For example, if you’re traveling with friends on a fairy tale plan, you probably don’t want an All-Inclusive Resort as you will most of the time be out to visit the beaches and make excursions. Also, if you are traveling in a family plan, but with a moderate budget, there are more economical options that I show you below.

3. Analyze if you need an all-inclusive Resort?

punta cana - grand resort

The Number of All-inclusive hotels and Resorts available in Punta Cana (such as Barceló, Iberostar or Hard Rock) is huge, and the truth is that they are very good quality with careful attention, ideal if you are looking for a few days of calm and relax, as everything you will need, you will find inside the hotel: The 3 meals included in various thematic restaurants, giant pools, beach in front of the hotel, recreation activities, discos, etc. Therefore, if you want to spend more time on excursions or visits than within the hotel, an all-inclusive cannot be the best option for you, since you will not enjoy many meals and attractions you have paid for.

4. If you’re looking for Adventure, Choose a Hostel or an Apartment

If you go in friends or backpacker style, what I recommend is that you choose a hostel or an economical apartment where you have the freedom to cook your own food or dine on the street directly. Most of them are located far from the beach line, although a few are closer, in the sector known as The Cortecito.

5. Don’t just stay at Bavaro Beach

saona island

Even If you go on a rest plan, my recommendation is that you spend at least an entire day touring some of the other beaches in Punta Cana. I say this since most of the great hotels are located in Playa Bavaro, the most famous beach and frequented by tourists in this Caribbean destination. But For example, the beaches of Uvero Alto or Macao to the north and White Beach and Bocas del Toro to the south are spectacular and with fewer people than the ever-busy Bavarian beach, so it is worth visiting.

6. Perform at least one Excursion

Punta Cana - adventure

In Punta Cana There is an increasing variety of excursions and trips to water parks, nearby islands, Fields and Rome Haciendas, horseback riding, etc. of Course, of time and cost issues it is almost impossible to make them all, but I would recommend you to do at least one of these two: excursion to the beautiful Isla Saona (where some locals claim to have recorded the famous movie “The Blue Lagoon”) or go to Diving in Catalina Island.

7. If you like History don’t forget to visit Santo Domingo

Christopher Columbus House

The capital of the Dominican Republic has much more to offer than you can think of. Located 3 hours by car from Punta Cana, it can be a very pleasant visit for lovers of history, since in particular, its cobblestone colony area is full of buildings of the time of the conquest as the cathedral (the first of America) or the house where lived Christopher Columbus and his family.

8. Don’t let yourself be pushed by street vendors

If I had to express some negative point in Punta Cana it would certainly be pressed (sometimes overwhelming) that some street sellers exercise on the beach to force you to buy them a trip or package. While your job is to sell, sometimes you get a point where you feel a little overwhelmed by your insistence on you to buy them. This is then to the point that some stores have large posters that say “Buy without harassment”, to differentiate from the rest. My advice to avoid the pressure of these peddlers when approaching you is to make it clear to them fixed from the beginning that you will not buy them.

9. Knowing Punta Cana and Puerto Rico on one trip is possible

punta cana beach

If you are adventurous and have time, it is possible to include another Caribbean island on your itinerary at a low cost, since Santo Domingo (3 hours by car from Punta Cana) it is possible to catch a ferry that takes you to Puerto Rican coast. This was one of the things I enjoyed most in my second trip to Punta Cana, as the cost is not high (around 100 dollars) and the advantage of knowing another destination as Puerto Rico is worth a lot.

10. Enjoy the Warmth and Kindness of Dominicans

punta cana - hamaca

Without a doubt, one of the first things you will notice when you enter into Punta Cana is the kindness and high levels of service that Dominicans give you. Perhaps, for this reason, added to hotels have much cheaper prices than other Caribbean destinations like Cancun or Aruba is that there are many tourists who repeat year after year this destination as the ideal place to vacation. In My personal case, I certify it as I could say that this is one of the best destinations where the staff of hotels, airports, shops, etc. strive to make you feel as enjoyable as possible.

And so we finish this article with some important tips that you should take into account when planning a trip to Punta Cana. I hope you serve and that if you have not yet traveled to this spectacular destination start planning from now your next dream holiday.


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