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Top 10 Happiest Countries of the World 2019

Who does not like to live in a peaceful and pleasant place? According to the most recent annual report of The United Nations “World Happiness reports 2019” These are the 10 happiest countries in the world to live.

10. Austria


From The villages of narration like Hallstatt, located in landscapes, where the charm of the lakes competes with the beauty of the mountains, until the palate of the Empress Sisi. Austria has it all: postcard prints, places to leave at the mercy of nature, cities that sound like classical music, such as Salzburg, and others like Vienna , that with its flirty cafes and historic buildings is the perfect setting to shoot a movie Romantic. There is no Austrian corner where happiness is not inhaled.

9. Canada


Canada is its huge landscapes, its modern cities. Toronto impresses with its skyscrapers, it engages with its multicultural atmosphere and dazzes with its street art and its cafes hipster. Montreal, home to endless festivals, catches with its old town (which will make you feel at the heart of Europe). But If there is one thing that really is worth it, it is to be lost by its vast forests and to furrow the water in its turquoise lakes with a canoe. Nature in pure condition, absolute bliss.

8. New Zealand

new zealand

Last year, New Zealand was crowned as one of the least corrupt countries in the world. Well, not content with that this 2019 premiers new title, ranking among the ten happiest countries in the world. Land of fjords, of fine sandy beaches, of magical sceneries (like Hobbiton), of spectacular geysers, of the sources of groundwater, of lakes of fresh water, of the good wine, of the cities escalated by mountains, of the endless waterfalls…beautiful and Wild, it’s New Zealand.

7. Sweden


Why are the Swedes so happy? Lagom is the answer. “The Lagom should be Sweden’s major export to the World “, Linnea Dunne collects in the book Lagom, the Swedish recipe to achieve balance in your life. Happiness to be measured with each of its actions, making it this way in a true and sustainable feeling in time. They even have three customs (Lördagsgodis, Fredagsmys, and Fika) that allow them to eat anything that is normally forbidden without feeling guilty. An afternoon in the sauna, a picnic, bike tours, free water at your disposal at all local…once you’ve met Sweden, you want to stay alive.

6. Switzerland


Face: The Swiss country knows how to do it enormously well. Switzerland has been from 1815 without being part of an armed conflict, the Swiss enjoy a per capita GDP of 80,837 dollars (while the spanists played less than half: 40,290, to be exact), and in addition every citizen is summoned to the polls an Average of CUA a few times a year, making it a country whose democracy is palpable and live directly by its inhabitants (not in vain, it is the tenth most democratic country in the world according to the Economist’S Index of Democracy).

5. The Netherlands


The recent attack in the city of Utrecht cannot tarnish a reality: This is the year of the Netherlands, in addition to radicalism and nonsense. A year dedicated to art, a year’s commemoration for great geniuses like Rembrandt (in 2019 It is fulfilled 350 years of his death). We cannot allow fear to limit our freedom to travel, to live and to return, always, to the Netherlands.

4. Iceland


The safest country in the world (name in 2018 in the Global Peace Index) is the happiest space in the world in 2019. Still, Iceland now fights mass tourism, begins to implement tourism-contains policies and ecological protection. Will Iceland Be a future example of sustainable tourism?

3. Norway


In Norway There is one of the “ends of the world”, also a number of fjords that make them an important destination for lovers of travel and snow, but above all, Norway can assume to produce the best cheese in the world, after seeing the birth of the Nordic diet, both competing with the Mediterranean and, in addition, to be an example of the future, with the chic city that will be born in a few years as an example of B Excellence, mobility and innovation. Not Surprisingly, Oslo has been named Europe’s Green Capital 2019. And what’s left.

2. Denmark


Denmark’s capital is not Copenhagen. It’s Copenhappy. We have been saying this for years, and this 2019 ratifies it. One of the cities “more habitable” of the planet is, moreover, the example of an entire country that moves at a calm pace, between design (you will understand it when you see this impressive public pool), cultural Initiatives such as the Human bookstore of the Human library…and an important fact: Denmark is the second European country in the “satisfaction” of its inhabitants according to Eurobarometer.

1. Finland


Finland will initially remain for the second consecutive year. Here is Harmony the law of life. It will be for its gastronomy, for its charming villages, for its unique experiences in the capital, for its lifestyle, so attached to the saunas, to take advantage of the environmental conditions by breathing fresh air, but also for its social policies, so Curious as Famous “First parent box”.

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